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GeForce GTX graphics cards are the most advanced ever created. Discover unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and next-generation gaming experiences.

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Teamwork for greater strength
Just like in games, the exclusive MSI TORX 2.0 Fan technology uses the power of teamwork to allow the TWIN FROZR VI to achieve new levels of cool.
TORX 2.0 Fan design generates 22% more air pressure for supremely silent performance in the heat of battle.
Zero frozr-stay undetected
First introduced in 2008 by MSI, ZeroFrozr technology has made its mark and is now the industry standard among graphics cards. It eliminates fan noise by stopping the fans in low-load situations. This means you can focus on gaming without the noise of spinning fa
Catch the vibe with cool led effects

Each LED can be controlled individually by choosing any of the animation effects availiable in the MSI Gaming App, ranging from responding to your game sounds or music to steady light, breathing and flashing. Of course, you can also turn them off.

Lurking under the cover of the GAMING graphics card is an engineering masterpiece designed to keep the graphics card cool. Every tiny detail of the intricate heatsink plays an essential part in providing a cool & quiet gaming experience.

Using advanced aerodynamics, Airflow Control Technology directs more air directly onto the TWIN FROZR VI heat pipes. The special deflectors on the heat sink enlarge the surface area, which means lower temperatures and better gaming.

A powerful graphics card needs a strong build to harness its performance. MSI GAMING X graphics cards are fitted with a solid metal back plate to make it extra tough. The matte black finish completes the TWIN FROZR VI design to perfection.

Perfection in 2 slots

Where other cards can take up to 3 expansion slots of space, the TWIN FROZR VI only takes up 2 expansion slots. This prevents unnecessary blocking of PCI slots on your motherboard, is better for SLI setups and improves overall airflow through the case.


• Product Code: GTX1060GAMINGX3G
• Description: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 3G DirectX 12 3GB
• Graphics processing unit: nvidia® geforce® gtx 1060
• Interface: pci express x16 3.0
• Core name: gp106-300
• Cores: 1152 units

Core clocks
• 1809 mhz / 1594 mhz (oc mode)
• 1784 mhz / 1569 mhz (gaming mode)
• 1708 mhz / 1506 mhz (silent mode)

Memory clock speed
• 8108 mhz (oc mode)
• 8008 mhz (gaming mode)
• 8008 mhz (silent mode)

• Memory: 3gb gddr5 (192-bit)
• Output: displayport x 3 (version 1.4) / hdmi (version 2.0) / dl-dvi-d
• Hdcp support: 2.2
• Power consumption: 120 w
• Power connectors: 8-pin x 1
• Recommended psu: 400 w
• Card dimension(mm): 277 x 140 x 39 mm
• Weight (card / package): 1017 g / 1610 g
• Afterburner oc
• Directx version support: 12
• Opengl version support: 4.5
• Maximum displays: 4
• Vr ready
• G-sync™ technology
• Adaptive vertical sync
• Digital maximum resolution: 7680 x 4320


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